First Sprouted Green Tea Leaves
High Performance Revitalizing Skincare
Powered by Korean Botanical Mystery


AMOREPACIFIC discovered first sprouted green tea leaves are highly skin revitalizing. During the 15 days prior to Grain Rain in early Spring, master craftsmen hand-pick each of the first spouted green tea leaves before 10am which are proved to be the most potent in color, scent and vitality. Through the brand's patented stem cell technology, the antioxidant essence in TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Creme penetrates and renews skin cells with matchless efficacy.

Full Year Charity Sale of Signature Product Genuine Commitment to Society


To celebrate the launch of the corporation's eponymous luxury brand in Hong Kong and continue our steps in corporate social responsibility, AMOREPACIFIC marks an unprecedented milestone in corporation history by donating all proceeds, without deducting cost, from the first year of sale of its signature product TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Creme to charity in 2015.