LANEIGE entered Hong Kong in 2002 and opened its first store in Sogo, marking it as the first Korean skincare brand successfully introduced in the city. Two years later, Sulwhasoo, the flagship brand with the longest history in Korea, also landed Hong Kong on its first stop to reaching the international market.

At that time, Hong Kong's cosmetics market was shared by Japanese, European and American brands. Most people thought that Korean brands were too late in starting out on the international market and would not be successful. But I made the effort with one simple belief in mind: Koreans put a heavy emphasis on skincare and makeup, which implies that product quality is assured in such a beauty-oriented culture. Moreover, since Korea's beauty giant Amorepacific has greatly invested in research and development, their products have superb competitive power. Thus I have strong confidence in the Amorepacific brand. And I also believe it is important to listen to our customers and employees, and to be concerned with their needs. In this way, our company can attain greater and better results.

Customer service with sincerely

Committed to the core value of “People Foremost”, we have always fulfilled corporate social responsibilities and good business practices. I believe that we can win the trust of, and praise from, customers through exceptional products and sincere service provided by beauty consultants rather than through a hard sell format. This is the foundation of our win-win long term business strategy.

Our belief in being people-oriented not only applies to customers, but also permeates the company management. We have put enterprise values into practice at our best. We have devoted considerable effort to staff training and talent development. Volunteer activities are organized every year to encourage our colleagues to join the volunteer force, to learn the spirit of giving back to the community and helping those in need, to reinforce the understanding of “People Foremost”, and to fulfill that concept at work.