The No. 1 Korean Hair Care Brand Formulated with Traditional Remedies Offers Balance Between "Yul" and "Ryo"

Often described as "The Sulwhasoo of Haircare" given its position as #the no. 1 Korean Hanbang haircare brand adopting ancient Korean remedies, Ryo offers a collection of haircare products targeting the problem of scalp aging. In Eastern philosophy, the energy of Sky is defined as "Yul" while that of the ground is defined as "Ryo". When "Yul" and "Ryo" are in balance, energy is in harmony. Ryo sees the scalp as the foundation for hair and believes that the key to nurturing healthy scalp and hair is to bring damaged scalps back to equilibrium, ensuring an optimal "Yul-Ryo" state.

Ryo has received over 50 accolades since 2010.Over the past 40 years, Ryo’s team of 60 experts have studied ancient and modern medical journals exhaustively. They have analyzed over 380 types of haircare ingredients and found the perfect complements to maximize the effects of ginseng.

#The Nielsen Company, RYO brand as Korea No.1 Hanbang shampoo brand in Korea shampoo market from 2008-2017.